Adventure Carrier | Baby & Toddler Carrier

The Adventure Carrier range includes the Adventure Carrier, Adventure Carrier Sun Hood & Insect Net and Adventure Carrier Rain Cover

This baby and toddler backpack hiking carrier and these accessories give Australian parents the freedom to go out on adventures anywhere. Designed in Australia by Australian parents. It’s perfect for hiking, a day out at the park, taking to the supermarket, travelling on a plane or just to your local café.

There is no longer any need to worry about taking where your pram can be taken or even how to manage taking a pram as well as a nappy bag.

Babies from 6 months of age and toddlers up to approximately 2.5 years are perfectly suited to be carried in the Adventure Carrier. The recommended carry weight limit is 15kg.

Designed, manufactured and tested to the highest international standards, this range of products complies with best practices from all over the world. Making it one of the best value and quality products on the market.

Designed in Melbourne by a real mum, she experienced first hand the frustration of trying to leave the house and feeling the stress of packing a nappy bag as well as a pram or stroller. She wanted to be able to just take one bag out on her adventure and leave the pram at home.

It has also been designed to be highly adjustable to cater to all body shapes and sizes.

The Adventure Carrier Sun Hood & Insect Net is made of a breathable material which will ensure that your baby or toddler is comfortable and well ventilated while on your adventure.

It's flat design ensures that it can easily be stored in the Adventure Carrier without taking up much room. If the Mosquito net is not needed, it can be simply unbuttoned and rolled up out of the way.

The Adventure Carrier Rain Cover will keep your baby or toddler warm and dry. It provides protection from the rain or snow, ensuring your little one and your gear stay dry. It even has two large side windows for a great view. 

The waterproof Adventure Carrier Rain Cover easily attaches to the Adventure Carrier with a clever fastening system. So when it starts to rain, you can quickly ensure that your child stays nice and dry.