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sun hood with insect net down
sun hood with mosquito net rolled up
sun hood with insect font
sun hood front and back

Adventure Carrier Sun Hood & Insect Net


Inspired by mums in North Queensland, our Sun Hood & Insect Net has been designed to keep the sun off your little one's head, while also keeping the bugs away. 

It's breathable material will ensure that your little one is comfortable and well ventilated while on your adventure.

It's flat design ensures that it can easily be stored in the Adventure Carrier without taking up much room.

If the Mosquito net is not needed, it can be simply un-buttoned and rolled up out of the way.

(Please note this sun hood is not fully UV protected. Sun smart measures should still be applied)

Specifications and Materials: 

  • Material = Nylon Taslan
  • Dimensions = 50 cm x 35 cm x 3 cm
  • Weight = 0.20 kg