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Our Jumply Adventures

baby nursery with cot, hanging mobile, change table

Setting Up Your Nursery : A Few Tricks Of The Trade

Setting up the nursery is such an exciting time for new parents. I know that I really enjoyed it. It's such a great outlet for those 'nesting'  instincts and to develop early bonds with your baby.
by Tiffany Droge on September 28, 2017
baby on towel having tummy time

Our Experience with Tummy Time

As new mums, we naturally want to do as much as we can to help our little ones develop and learn. You may have heard the term Tummy Time play before, but if you are like I was, you might not know exactly what it means for you and your new baby.

by Tiffany Droge on August 08, 2017
tips for new parents with baby

I wish someone told me.... 5 things you never know about having a newborn

The first reason i wanted to start this blog was to pass on advice to new and expecting parents. So i guess that the best place to start it to share a few things that we have learned since our little Tanner was born that i wish someone had told me.
by Tiffany Droge on August 08, 2017