🚲 Building Confidence on Two Wheels. Our top tips for toddlers on bikes 🚲

girl on balance bike with white helmet

I just wanted to share a small win I've had in investing in a Balance Bike for Tanner. Her confidence and independence has gone through the roof. 

Jumply Adventure on the balance bikeI had heard about Balance Bikes but as a kid, I don't think they were around. We just did the no training wheels and learn approach. Many skinned knees later I would have eventually gotten it, but my confidence would have taken a hit in the process.

We had a few attempts without the training wheels as she said that she was ready, so just rolled with it. But it did not go well. She lost all confidence 🙁 so that was why I decided to try the Balance Bike and had a massive win. 

She has only been on it about 3 times and has already mastered the gliding motion and is super fast.  It actually teaches kids to feel where their body weight is placed. I have found it's a great step before taking off the training wheels. 

One of the things that I actually love most about the whole arrangement is that she is more independent and I don't have to help her at all. Meaning that when I'm running after Chase she is all good and in control. It's actually a bit relief looking at it that way as its one less thing to worry about. 

Don't get me wrong we will of course "Get Back on the Bike" so to speak but our bike of choice at the moment will be the balance bike.






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