What’s the deal with Backpack Baby Carriers and why do i need one?

What’s the deal with Backpack Baby Carriers and why do i need one?

Do you want to take your little one out on adventures without the need for a pram or even a nappy bag? Then you need a baby carrier backpack! There's a reason that they're the hottest baby product around in 2021.

Put simply, Backpack Baby Carriers are for carrying your baby or toddler on your back while out and about. They can be an alternative to pushing them in a pram or stroller.

A couple of years ago we took our then 2 year old to the Melbourne Zoo in the pram. She was happy enough sitting in it, as it was pretty crowded. The problem was that she was down so low that she couldn't see the animals over the fences. 

This is in a nutshell why these carriers are so cool. It's about the flexibility they give you.

They're different to the soft baby carriers (Ergopouch, Babybjorn etc.) as they're for when baby is out of the newborn stage, but still needs help to get around.

They allow you to take your little one anywhere without worrying about pram access, stairs or anything like that. In other words, they're great for taking your little one on adventures anywhere.

jumply adventure baby carrier

They generally have padded shoulder and hip straps, a harness section (or ‘cockpit’) for the baby to sit in and have a solid aluminium or other lightweight metal frame.

They pretty much all require the baby to be old enough to hold their neck and head up and generally have a 6 months + age limit. All reputable brands also have Australian and international Standards testing certifications too.


The weight carrying capacity can vary on the model, but they can generally carry between 15 and 20 kg. 


There are a couple of different types of carriers. 

The most common are the large ‘hiking’ carriers, which are generally the higher priced ones from outdoor brands you probably know like Kathmandu, Macpac and Thule (yes, the company that make roof racks). 


Kathmandu Child Carrier

But there are also some smaller options around, which are less for full-day hiking and more for trips to the shops, a day at the zoo or walking the dog. These carriers are generally more compact and look more like a normal backpack and have a few less features than the hiking carriers. They’re on the cheaper end too.


Here are our favourite carriers for each group. You can click to visit their site.

1. Hiking Carriers



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      So, if you’re into hiking and trekking, the full size hiking carriers are for you and you’re looking at paying upwards of $400.

      If you’re more looking for an alternative to using a pram when heading out with your little one, the compact carriers are probably for you. 


      I hope you enjoyed this and please comment below with what your experience has been with baby carriers and what your best tips are.


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