Yellow and Pink and Black and Blue polarized sunglasses double pack
Yellow and Pink flexible bendable sunglasses
Yellow and Pink polarized sunglasses and elastic strap and case
girl wearing yellow and pink sunglasses with strap
girl wearing sunglasses riding bike
Black and Blue polarized flexible bendable sunglasses
Black and Blue polarized sunglasses with elastic cord and case
boy wearing Black and Blue flexi sunnies
blue and black flexible polarized sunglasses
pink and yellow polarized sunglasses

Kids Soft-Framed Polarized Sunglasses | Bonus Case & Adjustable Elastic Cord


hese Soft-Framed sunnies are flexible, making them super durable and comfortable for little kids.

The lenses are Polarised UV400, so you can know that their little eyes are protected while out on your adventures.

The flexible arms make them comfortable for all shapes and sizes.

Available in 2 colors:

Blue and Black

Yellow and Pink

Recommended Ages:

Suitable for Kids up to 4 years of age (perfect for Infants & Toddlers)


Polarized UV400 lenses, flexible rubber frame


  • Adjustable Elastic cord (Blue/Black sunnies get BLUE elastic cord, Yellow/ Pink Sunnies get PINK elastic cord) RRP $11.95
  • Colour felt case to match sunglasses RRP $7.95 (Blue/ Black sunnies get BLUE case, Yellow/ Pink Sunnies get PINK case)
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Microfibre pouch

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