I never thought we could have a fun day out with 2 kids, only one bag and no pram. Here's how I did it.

I never thought we could have a fun day out with 2 kids, only one bag and no pram. Here's how I did it.

Have you ever taken multiple kids on a family day out only to close the car and to realise that you might as well be packing for a holiday? In the past, we've gone on trips to the zoo with a nappy bag, a pram, a snack bag and an umbrella.

Over the summer break, we ventured into Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo with a 3 year old and a 5 year old. Do you know what we took with us? The Adventure Carrier. That's it! 

When we were at Melbourne Zoo we experienced 4 seasons in one day (yay, Melbourne weather!). The Adventure Carrier Rain Cover got some good use (see image below) as we knew that the day was going to be a bit wet, so were prepared. 

Adventure Carrier and Rain Cover

The versatility of the design is great. When Chase (our 3yo) wanted to roam free, it packed up small like a backpack. You wouldn't know that the Adventure Carrier was even a carrier just by looking at it (see image below). It makes for easy maneuverability in busy crowds like the zoo or navigating the unbeaten path for your adventures.

Adventure Carrier

When Chase decided that it was time for a rest he said “I want to go in the Carrier” and I quickly opened it up and put him in to keep the adventure moving. Chase is 3 and 12 kgs and is still happy to go in there for a bit of a rest. 

The next week I decided to take Tanner (our 5yo) and Chase to Werribee Open Range Zoo on my own and we had a great day.

All I had for our day's adventure was the Adventure Carrier. No pram, no additional bags. In there I had changes of clothes (there is a water play area, so was prepared for this), lunch/ snacks, water bottles, wipes, nappies and hats.

Adventure Carrier

I loved the freedom that the Adventure Carrier gave me. I decided to take the kids out on an adventure and just went. It gave me the confidence to go on my own without Nath (husband). 

There was no saying “I’ll have to find a ramp or I need to go around”, like i would if i had the pram. Wherever my adventurous little ones took me, I went too (see image below). It was great to be able to keep up with the kids.

Adventure Carrier


Find out more about the Adventure Carrier: HERE 


All the best for your next family adventure,

Tiff xx



-Tiffany Droge is the co-owner of Jumply, as well as a Melbourne mum of two to Tanner and Chase. She is a Health and Physical Education Teacher with a passion for the outdoors and making parent's lives easier. This is the foundation for all of Tiffany’s’ designs.

She wants to make it easier for parents to get out and about for awesome adventures with their little ones.

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