Our Adventure Families

Our Adventure Families
Jumply Adventure Carrier

Problem: Rhiannon and Dale needed a solution for their adventures that was not going to take up much space in the car.

@rooftop.roaming are an Aussie family of 4 who are roaming around Australia in a rooftop tent. Mum Rhiannon and Dad Dale needed a solution for their adventures that was not going to take up much space in the car. As they are on the road permanently they have very limited car space. The Adventure Carrier was a great solution it grabbed their attention as it didn’t have huge poles and packed down small, just what they were looking for.

Finding this solution was very important to them but they also wanted to make sure that it was support for their long hikes, which they were impressed by. 

Another problem that Rhiannon and Dale were looking to solve was that in the heat their current carrier was too small and would make Riley their little one uncomfortable because she was so close to their body. The Adventure Carrier added an extra barrier in of their backs to give everyone literally enough breathing space. 

Their favourite feature for the Adventure Carrier is the Sun Protection accessories and the versatility of being able to use it just as a normal backpack when Riley isent in it . They love that the Sun hood/ Insect net and Rain Cover provides great protection for the elements and also allows Riley to have a nap while blocking out the sun. 

The Adventure Carrier has seen many adventure already on their Australian tour. They particularly love that they can go on more intense walks where climbing rocks and wading through water may be necessary. 

“We just love this Carrier and recommend it to anyone we see! It has been a game changer for our family especially with a 4 year old to also juggle on walk”

Thanks so much to Rhiannon and Dale for allowing me to share a bit about them and how the Adventure Carrier has been solving their problems. 

Jumply Adventure Carrier

The main problem that Meals wanted the Adventure Carrier to solve was being about to put the carrier on without help and ensuring there was enough storage for all of her things while on her adventure. 

Meals and Nath are are family of 4 (just had their second one) Congrats guys. They live in the Victorian Hills and wanted a easier solution for walks around their local area without needing a pram. 

Meals had commented that she had bought a shoulder carrier but did not feel confident wearing it with her daughter. She found it difficult to try to get on and unbalanced when she walked.  She commented that she also needed an additional bag for her daily gear as it did not have any storage.

I went to school with Meals and she saw that I had just designed the Adventure Carrier. Meals was one of our first supporter of the Adventure Carrier through our Kickstarter campaign. Who if we had not have had this support the Adventure Carrier would not have been made. Thank you Meals 🙏. She knew that she needed a product like this as had tried other and failed. 

The main problem that Meals wanted the Adventure Carrier to solve was that it needed to have storage and she needed to be able to put it on without help. She was very impressed that the Adventure Carrier ticked all of her boxes as well as providing lots of clever storage and commented that it was easy for her to use on her own. She also loved how lightweight and compact it was. 

Some adventures that she had taken the Adventure Carrier on were beach and hiking adventures. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with the Adventure Carrier. We wish you and your family all the very bust and know that you will continue to get great use out of the product now that number 2 has arrive. 

Jumply Adventure Carrier

The problem Kyle and his family needed solved:
A way to easily carry their son on hikes, day trips & adventures - that wouldn’t take all the fun out of the day!

Kyle and Cash love spending time outdoors and in the ocean. They love early morning swims, surfing and spear fishing to hiking and camping - nature and the ocean play a huge role in our family life. 

Kyle also owns is own business BrightSide Art you can follow him here @brightsidekyle. He creates amazing wall decals and art that are bright, bold and fun. His mission is to inspire creativity and imagination in the next generation. Seriously you need to check out his work. 

Kyles experience with the Adventure Carrier.

Kyle, Cash and little one Hendrix wanted something that would allow them to continue to go on adventures, hikes & explore their environment. He was hoping to find something that would be great value for money (not over priced), simple to use and only have features he actually need! And a bonus was to be compact enough so he could store it in the car so he had it for quick day trips and surprise adventures.

The Adventure Carrier instantly grabbed Kyle's attention as it looked simple & effective. “Literally looked like a good quality backpack that would hold our son. It wasn’t too over the top, it wasn’t overly complicated. And it was well priced”.

He had been looking at a way to solve the problem of how to easily carry their son on hikes, day trips & adventures - that wouldn’t take all the fun out of the day! Both Kyle and Cash and even Hendrix believed that the Adventure Carrier has solved this problem (you can tell Hendrix agrees with how comfortable he is in there, keep reading). 

“Simple to use”. Was how Kyle responded when I asked him what his favorite thing about the Adventure Carrier was.  “So easy to put our son in, strap him in and get started. Nothing complicated”.

Also super comfortable! I’m used to doing overnight hikes & camps and this carrier is super comfortable to wear for longer hikes as well. Probably more comfortable than my hiking pack!”

One thing that surprised Kyle and his family about the Adventure Carrier was how comfortable it was and the great price point.

They were expecting to pay over $500 - 1000 for a crazy complicated hiking style pack. So was awesome to find a super simple solution at a great price point and it still had all the features to keep it comfortable on their back!

I’d now like to share a story with you from Kyle and his family. 

“So far we have taken our carrier on heaps of adventures! We’ve hiked and explored all through the Mornington Peninsula (Cape Schanck, Bushrangers Bay, Peninsula National Park, Arthurs Seat, Mount Martha Cove, etc), we’ve hiked Mount Cannibal, through the Dandenong Ranges and have plans to explore the Surf Coast and of course take it with us on our road trips!

Hendrix is a super active kid, always squirming and wriggling and wanting to explore. He hates being strapped into a pram or jogger. But absolutely LOVES being in his Carrier! So it has made our life of adventures and exploring able to continue with Hendrix which is awesome! And its super convenient to have the extra pockets for spare nappies, food, drink bottles etc. So we don’t have to take extra nappy bag - we just have it packed and in the truck ready to go whenever we feel like a hike or adventure!

A good Jumply Adventure Carrier story was our first adventure with it! We had just bought it at the Camping & Outdoor Expo and were so excited to try it out we went out the next day - subpar weather to the Dandy Ranges. It was wet, cold & miserable. But we strapped Hendrix in and took off! We skipped right past a sign that said the track was closed (due to storms we had had earlier in the month). And quickly found a tonne of trees across the track. So, being super excited we figured it’ll only be a few and we can get past and continue on … well we climbed over trees, ducked under trees, bush bashed around trees, and it just got harder and harder to get past all these road blocks - and then it started to rain! So the Rain Cover went on the Adventure Carrier and after spending more time climbing over trees then walking on the track we decided to turn back.

And the whole time trekking back, we were amazed! Hendrix hadn’t said a peep! He had fallen asleep while we were climbing & ducking under trees! He was just so comfy he slept! It was a big first trek with the Adventure Carrier - but so stoked it stayed with us the whole time and definitely proved its capabilities to go anywhere with us!

One last thing that Kyle would like to share with you is how much Hendrix loves the Adventure Carrier! He is never quieter, happier and more relaxed enjoying nature then when he is in his Carrier on a hike. Rain, sunshine or windy beaches, he just loves being in the Carrier - far more than any pram or jogger we tried! 

So best purchase for us! As active outdoorsy people before our Son, we didn’t want to lose that lifestyle - the Adventure Carrier has allowed us to continue to explore and travel and experience our environment in a way that is super convenient and Hendrix loves too!

I truly thank Kyle and Cash for their time and answering my questions and sharing their experience with you. Make sure you  check out brightsideart.com.au and follow @brightsidekyle his art is seriously rad!

Jumply Adventure Carrier

Problem's Jo and her family needed solved: 

  • Worrying about here toddler running away or breaking things in the shops (we have all been there)

  • Keeping her toddler warm in the freezing cold

  • Having a option for nap time and keeping the adventure going for her older child

“The Adventure Carrier was a life saver on our family trip. With an active 18 month old I was stressing about going to Sovereign Hill with him. Being able to put him in the Adventure Carrier we were able to walk to the park, hands free. We could look at the shops and do all the touristy things without stressing about him running off or breaking something! We didn’t have to go back to the accommodation when he needed to nap, as he was happy enough to nap in the backpack.”

Jo also commented that it added some extra warmth on her Sovereign Hill adventure as it was freezing! Being so cold and outside I was conscious about my 18month old being warm! The Adventure Carrier added the extra layer and just eased my mind.

Something that surprised Jo about the Adventure Carrier was that it was so easy to use “We didn’t need to look at the instructions (even though they were there).”

From Jo’s adventure to Sovereign Hill it was evident that the Adventure Carrier helped to solve a few problems for her;

  • Worrying about here toddler running away or breaking things in the shops (we have all been there)
  • Keeping her toddler warm in the freezing cold
  • Having a option for nap time and keeping the adventure going for her older child

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