6 Must-Have Family Travel Products For 2019

6 Must-Have Family Travel Products For 2019

Well, it's official. 2019 is here and i want to help you get out on adventures with your family with the best gear around.

I've compiled this list of amazing family travel products which are making my life easier as parent and I get really excited about using each one of them.

And the best part about them is that they are all designed to be out and about with you, so are small or easy to travel with.


Feeding your little one while on the go can often be a tricky time. I have found two awesome products that make this task a whole lot easier.

Feeding Friend;                       RRP $59.99

RRP Feeding Friend by Amanda is a self-inflating travel nursing pillow for feeding you baby while on the go. It can be used from newborn age, so I'll definitely have it in my hospital bag this December when our little one arrives. 

Feeding Friend

It inflates and deflates and can easily fit into your bag, making it great for travel, a trip to the park or that impromptu feed in the car. I remember looking back to my original feeding pillow that I used for our first baby and although it did get the job done it was massive and at times I felt like it was permanently attached to me. 

Needless to say, this is soooo much better!

 Subo Food Bottle;                        RRP $29.95

If your little one is starting solids then the Subo Food Bottle, developed by Glen and his wife Julie-Anne will be your new best friend.


Subo Food Bottle

The Subo Food Bottle is a non-squeeze food bottle that allows little ones to feed themselves independently. It can be used from 6 month of age and is perfect for introducing food to little ones.

I really wish that i had this when we were starting Tanner on 'big people food'. I know that is would have taken a lot of the mess out and taken stress out of not knowing how much food she was actually eating.

The bottle has a clear window, so you can see how much they've eaten and you can be sure that they are getting something into their tummy. We've even used tin spaghetti in it for a trip from Mt Buller and it worked a treat. Winning!! It is always in the bottle pocket of our Nappy Backpack ready to go.


Now from feeding on the go to sleeping while out on your adventure.

CoziGo;                              RRP $99.95

I must admit that i have yet to use this one, but I have a very close girlfriend who had and is still having amazing success with the CoziGo (designed by Emma).   

cozigo mums walking babies

It is a safe sleep cover that can be used on strollers, prams and airline bassinets. My girlfriend has a 2-year-old and is still able to get him to sleep in the pram with the help of the CoziGo. She was telling me the other day that her and her husband still go out for dinners regularly and just take the CoziGo with them to the restaurant as it helps to block out light to ensure that her toddler stays asleep. AMAZING!!!

I also remember last year she took the CoziGo to the horse races and her little one slept for over an hour in the pram! I was a bit jealous and instantly wanted one. I'm super excited to use it in December when our new baby arrives. Once again it is designed for travel and folds up super small to fit in you Backpack.

Fly LegsUp;                          RRP from $69.95

While we are on the topic of sleep and talking about different sleeping aids, Fly LegsUp makes long haul economy travel way more comfortable for kids and adults.                                                                         

kids fly legsup aeroplane travel

It's a 'hammock' that the tray table in front of you and inflatable pillows can be inserted to suit to adjust the leg position you want. 

The kids version allows kids to lay almost flat, which as you can imagine will make any flight more comfortable. For adults, it's more to lift your feet up off the ground to make your sitting position more comfortable.


Generally we don't think of luggage being the most exciting thing about travelling. Until now! 

I've found a couple of products (well, i designed one of them actually) that will make you think twice about this. Both will make your family travels much easier, more fun and less stressful.

Jumply Adventure Nappy Backpack;               RRP $179.00

We've developed this Nappy Backpack to combine all of the specialised nappy storage you could ever ask for, with the rugged outdoor styling and features of outdoor adventure brands.



One of my favourite things about our Adventure Nappy Backpack is the underneath nappy/wipes storage pocket. This pocket is external from the rest of the bag meaning that you can keep your nappies and wipes in there and never again need to rummage through the main compartments in that moment of need. You can simply just grab out your nappies from the bottom section and off you go. 

Its clever design (by me 😉) has been the result of 9 months work (yes, it is like another child to me) and all of the features that have been included have come from different situations that I have been in as a parent and realised that my old Nappy bag was simply not good enough.               

Times are changing and the original “Tote” style nappy bag has been overtaken by backpacks. I know that my old tote bag really hurt my back from the uneven weight. Also, who doesn’t want a hands-free option when you're holding your baby or trying to keep your toddler from running away? Especially when we are talking about travelling.

Trunki;                                 RRP $89.95

I came across Trunki a few months ago when looking for luggage for weekends away with the family and immediately fell in love with the fun designs. And since we brought it home for Tanner, she has absolutely loved it too. She loves scooting along with it and also has a great sense of pride in packing up her own toys inside it.

trunki australia






Trunki is a ride-on suitcase on the surface, but is also a great way to teach kids responsibility at an early age, plus have some entertainment with them when you're stuck waiting around at airports or even on car trips.

I was actually really impressed with the amount of space that it has in there. Tanner fits lots of toys in there, and i can even throw some last minute changes of clothes in for her if needed.

One last great thing about the Trunki is that it can fit into the overhead compartment on an airplane, so your little one can ride it right to the gate. 


I really hope that you check out some of the amazing products, as they are making so many parents lives that little bit easier. After all, we are all in this together and all experience the same struggles. Especially when it comes to travel with the family. 


All the best and good luck on your adventures.


Tiff xx


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