Half-Day Adventures in Melbourne While Social Distancing

mum with children on a day out

Ok, so we are all going to go a little bit crazy with the kids if we can’t get them out and about (safely, of course, still acting within the recommendation of the Government). I wanted to quickly write about a few cool places you can take the kids for Half Day Adventures.

Now most of us are working from home hopefully that means that we can be a little more flexible with our work hours (this may or may not apply, I hope it can😊) Perhaps you can work out a deal with your kids that if they leave you alone for the morning while you are working (of course maintain appropriate adult supervision). Then you can take them out on a half-day adventure in the afternoon.

I think that this is actually an awesome opportunity to take advantage of the extra time with our kids. Yes, I understand that it is going to be stressful at times, but we never get this time again with our family. So why not make the most of it.

Going on A Bear Hunt-

I took the kids on a Bear Hunt around my local area. There have been a few Mums group pages popping up on Facebook with people organising the Bear Hunt. If you want to get involved, you just put a teddy bear in your window for others to see. It really is such a cute idea and so good to get the kids out of the house on a nice stroll. In my local area we have lots of different tracks, so can just pick one each day. And I think that will be what I am going to do for quick ‘I need to get out of the house” moments. Check it out in your local area now.




Braeside Park – 

When the kids need to burn off some energy try Braeside park, it was great to let them run around. We now call it the 'Forest Park'. Tanner is just learning to ride her bike and there is a great bike track that loops around the park. But as the bike path is made up of fine sand and small stones, she was getting bogged quite easily. It had also rained the night before so made it a little harder to ride. I think when she has had a bit more practice on the bike this one will be great. It was also a bit hard pushing the trike that Chase was on through the sand path. However, the kids both loved the Forest Park. Tanner is 3.5 and Chase is 1.5 was enough for both of them to do and run around to get all of the crazies out. Just ensure to maintain a safe distance from other kids and practice good hygiene after using the park, if you decide to. 

There are spread out open areas making it perfect for maintaining safe distances and letting the kids still feel like they can have fun run around and be kids.


  • The Park is at the Magpie Car Park
  • Lower Dandenong Rd, Braeside VIC 3195


The Bay Trail-

This was one of my favorite trails to go with Tanner when she was really little in the pram. I would usually jump on the trail at Brighton and walk until I hit the park about 30 minutes into the stroll. The park placement was a good time for a break (just ensure you practice good hygiene practices if you stop at the park), especially with kids. My best friend lives in the city so was a great halfway meeting point for a walk or a bike ride between Bayside and the city. I now take the kids bike riding on there. However, I would avoid this trail in busy peak times like Saturday mornings especially if your kids are still novices on the bike like mine.

The Approx. distance is 49.8 km from the Yarra River, Port Melbourne to Seaford, but of course, you can just jump on where ever you like. It’s a beautiful scenic ride that the whole family will love.

Location: The trail begins at Austin Road, Seaford near the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands and runs to Port Phillip Bay.


Jells Park-

A great open trail with gentle rises and falls making it good for the slightly more experienced rider. A fun park with lots of picnic areas/BBQs to stop and rest. You can also connect your ride to East Link trail or Knox Bike Track for the older bike riders. But if you have little people you can easily stay within the Jells Park area.

Location: Jells Rd, Wheelers Hill VIC 3150



All the best for the next few months. I will bring you more as I do them until restrictions with COVID-19 make us completely housebound. Until then, get out for small adventures as much as you can because we will all go crazy if we don’t.


Tiff xx

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