7 Ways To Save On Accommodation

7 Ways To Save On Accommodation

Everyone wants to save a few pennies on accommodation especially when your travelling with your family. 

The money that you have saved from knowing these 7 ways to save on accommodation could be used as extra spending money to shout the family something special :)

1. Finalise your destination and main purpose of Travel. If you’re out of the hotel most of the time, you don’t need a luxury hotel. If you plan to go around the city, find a hotel within the city centre, if you just want to relax and not really to go on tours or adventures, find a relaxing hotel with good amenities.

2. Subscribe to airlines and hotel newsletters. Booking airline and hotel in advance is always a good idea as they offer early bird rates and other exclusive promo's.

3. Most family-friendly hotels offer kids-eat-for-free, if not a discounted fee. Make sure to check out your Hotel website’s FAQs section or enquire to the hotel directly via email.

4. When booking your accommodation, research on what the rooms really look like (we recommend the traveler photos in Tripadvisor.com) and see if the room includes a sofa bed - in this case you do not need to add extra bed. In some cases, you can just request for extra bedding for the kids if needed.

5. Check if you can use Credit Card Reward Points or Miles.

6. To save on hotel charges, we recommend NOT TO TOUCH THE MINI-BAR. We know it is very tempting at times but Mini Bar goodies are priced 100%, sometimes 200% of RRP. We suggest to just buy the usual milk, soft drink, chips, etc from the nearest convenience store

7. Delete your cookies/history when searching for your accommodation. Websites store your search information, so when you go back to the website the second time they are more likely to charge you more. As they know your interesting in booking with them. Sneaky...

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