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Travel With Kids Like An Experienced Frequent Flyer | 5 Ways to Show You How!


Travel like an experienced frequent flyer with kids

1. Pack lots of snack

Put muesli bars, sultanas and dry crackers in your carry-on. You never want to be unprepared when hunger strikes.

2. Keep a few surprise toys

New toys can go a long way when traveling with little ones. It can create excitement and can keep them occupied while on board.

3. Prepare for air sickness and other complications

Long flights can cause havoc in their tummies. Pack 2-3 changes of clothes (some for you too), sick bags, lots of wipes, and something for your child to suck on (over the age of 3) to reduce problems with air pressure changes and ear pain. Feeding or sucking on a pacifier can also help for littler kids.

4. Dress them in layers

It can get cold on the aeroplane and lots of airlines don't give out blankets anymore. Dress them in layers to keep them comfortable, as you can always remove them.

If you have room in your bag, pack a special blanket as it can also aid as a comforter for your little one.

5. Don't stress about crying or disruption

Kids are unpredictable. You can only do the best that you can do. People who judge haven't been in your situation. Knowing you will never see these people again helps.

So just arrive at your destination and have a great trip.

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