CoziGo and Feeding Friend- Two amazing products that every new mum needs!

Feeding Friend and CoziGo

I want to shout from the rooftops about my two FAVOURITE new baby products. But I don’t really have a roof top. I have this blog.

Anyway, the products are CoziGo and Feeding Friend. I have literally used these two products everyday since our second baby was born and I have no idea how I ever managed without them with our first one. They really have made my life SO much easier.

The Feeding Friend Pillow has been designed by Amanda and is a self-inflating feeding pillow. The fact that it’s inflatable makes it amazing for when needing to pack into into small spaces like your hospital bag or travelling. The pillow also keeps its shape once it self-inflates using a two-way valve. When you are ready to store it you simply just turn the valve and squeeze the air out of it. Easy!

Feeding FriendMy pillow lives on my feeding chair and is super easy to manoeuvre into the most comfortable position, especially when you are half asleep during the night. I love that it also holds it shape to keep bubs well supported. Not like other pillows ive tried, where over time bubs may slowly disappear into the pillow. It’s such a great size that doesnt take over half the couch or bed. I also love that you can take the cover off for easy washing. Huge plus. 

I love sharing this product with everyone as am truly in love with it. Thank you Amanda for designing such a wonderful product.

The CoziGo, designed by Emma has also been super handy for us over this whole summer. Ive been keeping it in my car, so I am sure I always have it when I am out and about. It is a block-out cover for a pram or bassinet that helps to improve babies sleep by blocking out 97% of light and distractions. It can be easily placed over your pram/ stroller, bassinet on the aeroplane, travel bed and car capsule (just to name a few common uses). It did take me a few goes to master folding it up, but once I got the hand placement its super easy.

CoziGoIt has been great to know that if bubs is sleeping in the car capsule, I just need to get the pram and my CoziGo out and can continue whatever I need to do while out and about without disturbing bubs. It is also 100% breathable so you know it’s safe and has lots of ventilation and peep holes to check in on bubs.

My girlfriend who introduced me to this would put her little one in the pram with the CoziGo and go out to dinner with her husband and enjoy a nice relaxing meal. When I heard that I was immediately jealous and had to try it. Seriously, CoziGo had me at ‘Improves Babies Sleep’ 😊. I cant live without your product Emma, hats off to you for such an amazing design.

I am a true believer in these two products and would not have them for sale on my website if I was not 100% in love with them. They both fold up super small and are light weight, making them perfect travelling companions when travelling with a young family.

I want to help educate new parents on how awesome these products are to help you continue having awesome family adventures and these two products tick all of my boxes.

Tiff xx


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