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Popular Family Travel Destinations And The Best Time To Go

by Tiffany Droge on July 31, 2019  in AlaskaBaliFijiGrand CanyonHawaiiJapanNew ZealandToronto Canada

Knowing the best time of year to travel to certain destination is vital for ensuring an amazing experience on your next family adventure.

We have provided a short summary of a few popular travel destinations and their recommended times of year to travel to help get you started. 



FijiTemperatures stay pretty constant through the whole year, with highs resting in the 20s; however, from November to April, you might have to contend with some tropical storms. Peak season occurs between July and September, when the weather is dry and sunny.











Late spring (March to May) and late autumn (September to November) are generally the best times to visit Japan, when there is little rainfall, skies are clear, and temperatures are mild. What's more, the delicate cherry blossom of spring and vivid hues of autumn leaves are visually stunning.




Busy season is during the months of July and August, during Easter Holidays, and Christmas / New Year (December till 1st week of January). This is the time Bali is the busiest. However, for many reasons, best time to come to Bali is April, May, June and September, just before and just after high season.


Phuket, Thailand


The best time to visit Phuket is between November and April when weather conditions are ideal for beach activities, such as swimming and boating. The six months between May and October are monsoon season, and although accommodation prices are much lower this time of year, the water conditions can be dangerous.




Most tours operate mid-May to mid-September, with the exception of those into Denali (mid-June to end of August). Peak season is mid-June to mid-August. Before and after, some day tours and hotels offer "shoulder season" discounts of 10-25%.




The best months to visit Oahu are April (the first 3 weeks), May, September, and October for great weather, fewer crowds, and fair rates. Oahu's temperatures range from 26°C to 31°C all year long, with hot summers (June through October) and pleasant winters (mid-December through late March.


The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The best times to visit The Grand Canyon are March through May and September through November when daytime temperatures are cool and the crowds are thin. If you decide to visit during the summer (May-Sept, the park's peak season), be prepared for hordes of tourists and very limited lodging. availability.


Toronto, Canada

Toronto Canada

The best time of the year to visit Toronto is from late April through May, and from mid-September through mid-October. During these times, you'll have a good chance for pleasant weather, and tourist crowds will be few while the sidewalks will come to life with patio eateries, cultural events, and pedestrian markets.


New Zealand

New Zealand

With Beaches, sailing, adventure activities, endless geological sights, New Zealand is pretty amazing in summer time.

But with the skiing, whale watching, hiking and just as many adventure activities do do in winter, you really can't go to far wrong heading to New Zealand any time of year.


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