Practical Baby Shower Gifts Ideas That Aren't Cliche

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We have all had that feeling of being invited to a baby shower and not knowing what gift to bring to welcome the bundle of joy (especially if you don't want to give the same old cliche gifts).

Below are some ideas that I wanted to share with you from my experience with baby showers. I hope you find it useful. 

Baby shower gift ideas;

  • Clothes with ZIPS!!! Fancy outfits are so cute but a new mum needs practical and easy to wear clothing. If you really want a new mum to get the most out of her gifts, things like; Zip-up body suits, singlets, pants with covered feet so then you don’t need to worry about them kicking their socks off during the night (one less thing to worry about). Zip-up onesies with hand covers are also amazing and very useful at night for your new little one. They also stop the new bub scratching themselves.
  • Zip-up sleeping bags. We started off swaddling Tanner with two blankets but found that by the first night feed she had kicked out of it and had legs and arms exposed (perhaps we were not very good at it 🤨). We then got onto the wing/grow suits again with zips, they are great. You can be sure that your new bub will be warm and cozy all night.

  • Books can be beautiful gifts and on the inside cover write a personal message (like it was your card). This has been one of the best things I got for my baby shower as it helps to build a lovely library of books for you to read together. It’s also nice to read the personal message to Tanner each time we read a story.
  • Pooling money for a voucher or a bigger gift is very useful also and can really help a new mum to ensure that she gets what she likes 
  • Oh yes and NAPPIES, NAPPIES AND MORE NAPPIES! They are awesome and will never go to waste. Baby wipes too for that matter. I have no idea how I lived without baby wipes in my life before 😊.
  • Hampers are a great way to get a few nice items without breaking the bank. They can contain some of each of the above things and are great if a few people want to pool together some money.

I would really love to hear any other cool ideas you have and any other comments you have for expecting mums. Please post them below.


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My Bio;

My name is Tiff Droge and i am a new mum to my beautiful little Tanner Jae. I have only been writing blog posts for a short time, so i hope my grammar isn't too bad ;).

I started this blog to be able to provide advice to new and expecting mums which i never received or which i received in parts from different people. I know that i found it hard when i was pregnant to know which pieces of advice to listen to and which not to. All i hope is that i can provide you with a little piece of helpful advice. 

I am a Health and Physical Education teacher living in Melbourne, currently lucky enough to be on maternity leave with my beautiful Tanner. 

Please feel free to comment below or contact me at if you have any questions at all.

Tiffany, Nath and Tanner

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