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The Adventure Nappy Backpack; one of 'The 7 Best Nappy Bags in Australia in 2021'

by Tiffany Droge on March 16, 2021  in nappy backpack

The Jumply Adventure Nappy Backpack has been included in One Fine Baby's 7 Best Nappy Bags in Australia in 2021.

Adventure Nappy Backpack

We're super excited to be included in this list, alongside some other amazing brands.


Our nappy backpack has been designed to allow for and fit within our family's active lifestyle. When i became a mum, i couldnt find any nappy bags that were durable enough and with enough storage to allow our family to go on all of the adventures that we wanted. So i decided to design my own.

I opted for a backpack design over the more traditional tote style bags as i wanted to have my hands free and to all me to balance the bag on my back when holding my little one.

mum with toddler and baby wearing adventure nappy backpack

And now that we've had a second, the backpack design is absolutely priceless when carrying a baby as well as wrangling a toddler at the same time.

I also wanted to ensure that it was durable enough and had the right features to allow us to take it anywhere we want and not worry about getting it dirty or wet.

So we took inspiration from other outdoor brand backpacks and included features like a water resistant outer shell, splash-proof zips and a wet/dry pocket. You always need somewhere to throw wet clothes (and half eaten food).

Click here to view the Adventure Nappy Backpack

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