Be A Super Mum Every Time You Leave The House | 7 Hot Tips to Tell You How!

Be A Super Mum Every Time You Leave The House | 7 Hot Tips to Tell You How!

Whats in my nappy bag

1. Nappy Change Essentials

Nappies, baby wipes, nappy bags, tissues, hand sanitiser and nappy cream. Always check before you go, in case you need to replenish stock

2. Snacks

Try to take thing that are easy to eat and are reasonable mess free. Muesli bars, sultanas, fruit will keep them happy

3. Changes of clothes

You never know when you will need some spare clothes. Pack at least one outfit for each kid and even a spare top for you. You never know when that next baby spew is coming!

4. Hat & Sunscreen

When buying a hat think can it be folded up and kept in your bag for that one time that you need it. Bucket hats and beanies are great for this. Keep a travel size sunscreen in your bag, but remember to keep an eye on the expiry date.

5. Bibs & Small towel

These items are always handy for unexpected mess or spew. They wont take up much room, but you will be happy they are in there.

6. Drink Bottle

Never leave home without a drink bottle for them (+6 months) and you too. Exploring is hard and thirsty work, so ensure you keep your kids hydrated at all times. Sometimes they are too excited to stop the adventure to drink, so having it there and on the outside of the nappy bag if possible will be a constant reminder to drink.

7. Small Medical Kit

Band aids, teething gel and Infants Friend (if age appropriate), saline drops/wipes, Panadol (for you too), hair ties (if necessary) antihistamine, multi purpose ointment (like Bepanthen) for cuts and grazes. Having a small medical kit should allow you to continue on with your adventure. Most of these items come in travel size too.

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