6 Expert Tips To Be Super Prepared At The Snow With Kids

6 Expert Tips To Be Super Prepared At The Snow With Kids

Tips to travel with kids to the snow in winter

1. Cover them from head to toe

You may have heard it before, body heat is lost first through the head so a hat is VITAL when dealing with bitter cold weather.

2. Keep Hydrated

Don't let your kids eat snow!

It actually will dehydrate them quicker, as their body needs to heat and melt the snow which uses up energy = DEHYDRATION. Have regular drink breaks, both with hot and cold drinks

3. Always have snacks

Ensure that you have something that can provide a quick energy boost e.g. muesli bars, snack-size chocolate bars. Just ensure that it is nothing that will get squashed if you are skiing and happen to take a tumble. ;)

4. Layer Up

Don't forget to pack thermals. They will really make a difference on a cold day and don't take up much room.

5. Pack for comfort

Invest in good quality waterproof gear including jacket, pants and boots/ shoes. It's well worth paying the extra money to have your family comfortable.

Tip: You can also purchase waterproofing washes and sprays to cover garments you already have.

6. Lip & Skin Protection

You can still get sun burnt at the snow. There is actually higher UV radiation at the snow than on the water. So pack sun screen and lip balm.

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