6 Tips for an Awesome Beach Adventure!


Are you beach ready? 

Here are my top 6 tips to ensure you beach adventure is the best one yet!

  1. Cover Them Up
  2. Protect their skin
  3. Insect repellent 
  4. Take One bag
  5. Swim Nappies
  6. Water familiarity

1. Cover them up

Pack spare hats, bathers and rash vests that are going to keep them safe from the sun. 

You don't want your kids sun burnt. That's no fun for anyone. Having spare clothes will also extend you beach or water play experience.

If your little one gets wet early on then wants to play in the sand, they might get cold and want to go home. Cutting your beach adventure much shorter than you wanted.

Having a spare pair of swimwear or top and bottoms will ensure that your little one has a great experience and will want to keep playing and not go home.

So, if you’re ever thinking should I pack some spare swimwear or clothing the answer is YES, you wont regret it. 

Try to lead by example and slip, slop, slap yourself and don't forget to pack some sunglasses for the kids to protect their eyes from the UV.

2. Protect their skin

It goes without saying, but sunscreen is super important. Don’t forget to keep re-applying! I lather my kids in sunscreen when they are naked, it just helps ensure that you don't miss any areas.

I understand that the long sleeve swimwear is meant to be really good and you don’t need sunscreen under it most times. However, I don't take the risk and have heard about kids still getting burnt. The material could lose is effect and become worn decreasing the sun protective effectiveness. I personally don’t take the chance. I lathers them up. That gives me piece of mind knowing they are safe. 

I have found the small roll on bottles of sunscreen to be particularly handy. And have even had success decanting sunscreen from my large bottle into the smaller roll on bottle. You just pop the ball off the top of the roll on and fill it up. Saves you continually buying the same product. 

3. Insect Repellent

If going to a beach that is particularly know not sand flies give your kids a spray with insect repellent before you head to down. It does not hurt to be prepared.

We have recently purchases some insect stickers and are looking forward to using them soon. Will report back to let you know how they went. 

Remember, warmer climates can attract insects, so make sure you have some insect repellent that is safe for your kid's delicate skin.

4. Take One Bag

Try to just take one beach bag if you can. As you find that you will be carrying boogie boards, beach tents, chairs (lo, like your going to get to sit down, but we can dream). There is suddenly a lot of carry.

Finding a bag that has good storage for your valuables and a mesh section for your toys is really handy as well as a bonus wet/dry section. WOW! If only a beach bag like this existed?? Hahah, stay tuned Jumply crew. We have the best beach bag ever launching this Black Friday 😜!

5. Swim Nappies

Using regular nappies can only get you so far until your little one wants to go for a swim and suddenly become weighed down from the absorption. Not to mention the potential of chafing with the sand and them running/ crawling around. 

Using swim nappies of swim pants is great and however still only provides a protective layer only from number #2s but we have all done a wee in the ocean. Pack spares in case a #2 does happen.

6. Water familiarity

Start off small and just allow then to feel the water with their toes before you fully walk them into the ocean. It’s important for you to ensure that its a fun experience and give them that chance to explore. It can be extremely nerve racking but don't let that show, as they might feel that they need to be worried about something. Just always hold their hand and explore the water together.

Allowing them to play in the bath and feel what its like to be on their stomach in the water is also good. You can encourage them to blow bubbles and get water on their.



-Tiffany Droge is the co-owner of Jumply, as well as a Melbourne mum of two to Tanner and Chase. She is a Health and Physical Education Teacher with a passion for the outdoors and making parent's lives easier. This is the foundation for all of Tiffany’s’ designs.

She wants to make it easier for parents to get out and about for awesome adventures with their little ones.

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