5 Tips to ensure you have fun outdoors!

5 Tips to ensure you have fun outdoors!


When your child is playing outside, it’s important to protect them from dehydration, sunburns, and bug bites. Follow these tips:

  • Slather on sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 over all visible areas of the skin, even if they’re wearing a mask. Even on cloudy days, kids can get sunburned, so apply sunscreen if your child is going to be outside for more than 30 minutes. Sunglasses (UV 300 and polarised lenses are a good idea. Make sure they are safe and certified), hats that cover their neck and face, and long sleeves can all also help prevent sunburns.
  • Make sure you child takes regular water breaks when playing in the heat, even if they don’t feel thirsty. They never want to miss out on the fun. Just keep it handy and in sight to remind them to drink. 
  • Always have bug spray or insect repellent on hand to avoid bug bites. Bug bites are always unpleasant, but some children may have a more serious allergic reaction, so it’s a good idea to prevent them before they happen. It pays to just give them a spray before you head out, especially with smaller insects like sand flies that are harder to see. 
  • Make sure they wash their hands thoroughly after coming inside, and  use hand sanitizer if they’re in an area without access to a sink. Lets keep those germs away.
  • It is also important to mention that with the pandemic bike and scooter sales have gone though the roof and with this being an awesome outdoor activity that families can do together, everyone is riding a bike or scooting . Always ensure that your child wears a helmet. I understand its so obvious, but don't even let them ride around in the street without one on, even for a few seconds. It's not worth it! Your kids also want to see you displaying good helmet safety. So wear a helmet too they will model this behaviour!! 

These are a few tips that will help you enjoy the outdoors with your family. 



-Tiffany Droge is the co-owner of Jumply, as well as a Melbourne mum of two to Tanner and Chase. She is a Health and Physical Education Teacher with a passion for the outdoors and making parent's lives easier. This is the foundation for all of Tiffany’s’ designs.

She wants to make it easier for parents to get out and about for awesome adventures with their little ones.

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